Paolo Barillari

I was born in Milan (Italy) and focused my education on Classical studies: these are the hidden ingredients of my innate passion for lyrics, singing and music. As a performer, I can date back my vocation to the passionate exhibitions I gave as a very young children who loved to sing and emulate artists and songwriters like Enzo Jannacci, Giorgio Gaber, Paolo Conte, Fabrizio De André, Francesco De Gregori and many others... Later on I started writing my own songs (text and music) but also music theatre shows in line with the inspirational format of the "Teatro Canzone" by Giorgio Gaber.

Actually, I never stopped singing, acting, playing and writing since then. I can sum up my professional experience as follows:
  • As a performer, letting aside "Europe: what a Passion!" in its different linguistic versions and European dates, I played prominent roles in many Italian Musicals in the last ten years (from "Rapunzel" to "La Regina di Ghiaccio Turandot", from "La Divina Commedia" to "Pirates" and "I Promessi Sposi'). I am currently (2019-2021) Khashoggi in the second tour of The Queen's musical "We Will Rock You - Italy", while I was Brit in the first one. I also regularly put on stage with my band some tributes I wrote in memory of Enzo Jannacci and Giorgio Gaber.
  • As a writer and composer, beside my portfolio of (hundreds of) songs, I am co-author and director of the musical "Diglielo a Tutti!" (2015) inspired by Irwin Shaw's "Bury the Dead"; with my song "La Crisi", in 2014 I have been one of the eight winners of “Area Sanremo”, one of the most important Italian contests for singers and songwriters; my tribute to Gaber "La parola al Signor G." is on stage since 2004, while the one to Jannacci "Grazie Maestro" since 2016 (with the original music band of that great artist). I am particularly proud of my song "Sara Spara", since thanks to "Europe: what a Passion!" it now exists in seven languages and I performed it in each one of them on prestigious stages of European capitals.
  • As a vocal coach, I regularly teach and train dozens of young and less young students, both as a private coach and in the framework of several music schools in Lombardia (Italy).