Gli Spaesati-Nome sito

Gli Spaesati-Nome sito

We live in times of an increasing awareness about multiple and dynamic identities and belongings.
Being "spaesati" can be disorienting, but what if it was our authentic home?


A free online environment on citizenship education available in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English

A music recital show narrating the European attempt at building supranational political unity

Reenacting the Europeans' yearning for banding together.
A cross-media initiative in ten EU languages


A theatrical journey into the political, philosophical but also psychological dimensions of Altiero Spinelli's plead for federalism 

Who we are

Gli Spaesati/Les Dépaysé(e)s since 2007 promote

artistic, scientific and educational initiatives aimed at developing and spreading cultural awareness and creativity against/about “methodological monism” – "nationalism" being its foremost example – in every sphere of human activity and development and in relation with contemporary complex issues facing humanity or specific groups inside it.
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What we've done

While in search for more knowledge, wisdom and cooperation, we also: wrote and represented theatrical and multimedia artistic works in 9 languages and 7 EU countries, created a multilingual platform for lifelong learning in EU citizenship, debated with thousand of students and trained hundreds of teachers in civic education matters, designed and realized 9 EU projects and uncountable events.
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