Francesco Pigozzo
Associate professor in French Literature at eCampus University, he's been a Scuola Normale Superiore fellow in the Humanities and took his PhD at Pisa University under the supervision of literary theorist Francesco Orlando. His academic career goes parallel to the passionate search for knowledge interdependencies with other scientific fields in the social and natural sciences. He spent four years of research in the field of political philosophy at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies. Epistemology and civic engagement are the underlying themes of his intellectual and practical journey (contribution?) as a living being. 
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Daniela Martinelli
Playwriter and artistic director, she has been key contributor and leading manager of CesUE (spin-off society of the Institute of Law, Politics and Development at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa) from 2013 to 2019. She now coordinates the Virtual Learning Environment on the EU and leads a research project on the theory of citizenship education. She originally took her Master of Science in Managerial engineering at Politecnico di Milano but after some years spent as project manager in an ICT corporation she decided to devote her competences, time and creative energies to arts, education and civic engagement.  
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Paolo Barillari
Songwriter and composer, singer and musical performer who regularly plays key roles in Italian productions of music theatre, Paolo considers himself also a disciple of singer-songwriters committed to link their artistic research to relevant social and political issues. He is also a passionate vocal coach and loves teaching to teenagers and adult learners. As an actor first, then as a singer, he played a key role in concretely realizing and spreading Gli Spaesati works, well beyond Italy and the Italian language: one could really say he has the ability to learn (to sing in) all possible human languages in order to make some messages reach out to every human being.
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