The Cultural Selection

Variations in knowledge and ideas that are worth propagating
A key selection of lectures, interviews, speeches from a wide range of disciplines and people all over the world, tightly linked with the very same epistemological, political and educational paradigm shift we are advocating and (hopefully) helping to construct: overcoming "exclusive identities" and "dualistic methodologies" as the dominant ways to conceive, legitimize and build human identities, belongings and institutions. A matter of cultural selection indeed, since the wrong environment we have built on them is now leading us towards evolutionary suicide.
Our vision encompasses both the struggle for a
fully-fledged subsidiarity and multi-level democracy allowing individuals to enact their own multidimensional citizenship from the local to the global level; and the raising need for new epistemological paradigms in many scientific and applied fields, inside an overall questioning of the way we organize knowledge (re)production. There won't be any SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY unless we give birth to a new culture of SUSTAINABLE INSTITUTIONS.
Like semiotic signs, identities, habits, technologies and all sort of tools allowing for repetitive (pretendingly predictable) tasks in an ever-changing (partly unpredictable) universe,
institutions are at the same time a key factor and a powerful hurdle for human evolution/development. Their being always and inevitably cristallizations of power relations calls for a brand new way to conceive, design, build and change them for the survival of our species (as part of the biosphere of this planet) in front of the momentous challenges posed by the complexity and interdependence we are just learning to discern in our world.