Daniela Martinelli

After a Master of Science in Managerial engineering at Politecnico di Milano, I had a first working experience in a textile corporation based in Brussels then moved back to Milan to work as project manager at Alcatel-Italia (Wireless Transmission Division) from 2004 to 2009. But since 2005 I started studying the European integration process and increasingly devoted energies to active EU citizenship initiatives. It was my first work as a theatrical author, director and scenographer that lead to the foundation of the cultural association "Gli Spaesati" in 2007. In 2009 I abandoned Alcatel and decided to devote myself exclusively to artistic, educational and scientific initiatives linked to the many dimensions (and meanings) of active citizenship. Here is a crhonological list of them for those who are curious to know more in detail.


2007: Co-author, director and scenographer of "Come Va il Mondo?"
2010-2017: Co-author, director and scenographer of "Europa: che Passione! Storia di un amore tormentato" (original versions, already represented, in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish).
2017-2018: Co-author and director of "Ties We Feel Across Times" (original versions, already produced, in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek and Slovak).
2017-2019: Director of the filmed versions of "Europa: che Passione!":
Europa - cóż za pasja! Historia burzliwej miłości, 2019
Europe : quelle Passion ! Histoire d’un amour tourmenté, 2018
Europa: ¡qué pasión! Historia de un amor atormentado, 2018
Europe: what a Passion! The tale of a stormy love affair, 2017
Europa que paixão! Historia de um amor atormentado, 2017

Europa: che Passione! Storia di un amore tormentato, 2017
2019-2021 Co-creator, project management and scientific co-coordinator of the “EUStudy – European Citizenship Education in Theory and Practice” Jean Monnet Project by the eCampus University. 

2013-2019: Co-founder of CesUE - spin-off society of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies - where I covered the Art direction, the project designing and management but also the Account and Administrative Management.

2016-2018 Art director and chief executive officer of the KA3 Erasmus+ project “European Awareness – AwarEU” coordinated by CesUE and including the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris, the Aston and Stirling Universities in the UK, the Faculdade de Direito at the Nova Universidade de Lisboa and the Centro de Informaçao Europeia Jacques Delors, the CEU-San Pablo University in Madrid. I ensured: the realization of European Awareness Days with “Europe: what a Passion!” in all concerned countries, the a/v recording and postproduction of filmed vesions of the music recital show in all linguistic versions; the realization of Cinema EADs in all countries, the designing, graphic development and production of the Virtual Learning Environment on the EU (https://vleu.awareu.eu), for which she personally created all whiteboard animation videos, post-produced all CesUE videos and co-designed all courses’ syllabus.

2017-2018 Co-creator, project designer and Art Director of the “EUAct – Active Learning for an Active EU Citizenship” Jean Monnet Project by the eCampus University.

Art Director of the “EUNews – How Europe is described?” Jean Monnet Project by CesUE, featuring a European Awareness Day but also a TV program on the EU.

2016-2018 Co-creator, project designer and Art Director of the Jean Monnet Project “EUMAN – Arts and humanities for an inclusive EU” by CesUE.

2014-2017 Co-creator, project designer and Art Director of the MoreEU Jean Monnet Network project by SSSA (www.sssup.it/moreeu)

2014-15 Co-creator, project designer and Art Director of the UrEU “Learning EU@School” project by the Università di Roma Tre.

Co-creator, project designer and Art Director of the HOPEurope2 “Learning EU@School” project by the Università di Roma Tre.

Co-creator, project designer and Art Director of the EUCivic “Learning EU@School” project by SSSA (www.sssup.it/eucivic)

2014 Co-creator, project designer and Art Director of the EUrgencies@Dem “Learning EU@School” project by SSSA (www.sssup.it/eurgenciesatdem)

Co-creator and Art Director of the HOPEurope “Learning EU@School” project by the Università di Genova (http://hopeurope.weebly.com/)

2013-14 Co-creator and Art Director of CesUE “European Awareness Days” promoted by the Management Partnership in Italy: big events in Napoli, Roma and Milano (EC Representation and EP Information Office in Italy, Presidency of the Council of the Italian Republic).

2012-13 Co-creator, project designer and Art Director of the EUWay “Learning EU@School” project by SSSA (www.sssup.it/euway).

2011-12 Co-creator, project designer and Art Director of the “European Awareness Day” format, included into the EUGlobal “Learning EU@School” project by SSSA (www.sssup.it/euglobal).

2010-2016 Scientific co-coordinator of the Summer School on European federalism “Luciano Bolis” promoted by Tuscany Regional authority, the Tuscany regional centres of UEF-Italy and JEF, A.I.C.C.R.E. Toscana, A.E.D.E.
PUBLICATIONS (for a detailed and updated list of publications co-authored with Francesco Pigozzo see the RESEARCH page on this website)
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